Bob Speer's CD Mastering Services - Online File Transfers

You may upload your audio files to us by using a file transfer service.  We recommend  They
have a good track record of transferring files and you can transfer multiple music files up to 2GB.  Now that's a

Keep in mind that file transfers do take some time.  How fast your songs upload will be determined by the size of
your files and the speed of your internet connection. is easy to use and you donít have to register to use the service.  You simply fill out a short form.
It will take you less than a minute.  You simply add your .wav or .aiff files, enter our upload e-mail address
(listed below), enter your e-mail address, a short message if you like, and click transfer.  It couldn't be easier.
It's quick and efficient.

Note:  Do not create a .zip folder for your file transfer.  When using your music files will be
compressed and automatically inserted into a .zip folder.  The .zip folder provides a much faster upload.  Your
music files will be extracted on our end and decompressed with no quality loss.  If there are any errors created
during the transfer, we'll know immediately because a .zip folder will not open if it is corrupt.  This will help us
validate your transfer in a timely manner.

Use our upload address as the recipients email address on the form:

Thank you,
Molly Berger
General Manager